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Osmocote Pour+Feed Cacti & Succulents Liquid Fertilizers - 1L

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Fast & easy   Fast & easy
Visible results in 7 days   Visible results in 7 days
For use with houseplants   For use with houseplants


Spoil your cacti and succulents with Osmocote Pour+Feed for Cacti and Succulents! It's simple to use with an easy pour measuring cap which means no mixing, no mess and no fuss. This is a ready to use liquid fertilizer that is formulated with low nitrogen and high potassium to give your succulents the right amount of nutrients for steady growth and flowering, keeping your succulents thriving for weeks. 


  • Ready to use liquid fertilizer for Cacti and Succulents
  • Formulated with low nitrogen and high potassium to promote steady growth and flowering
  • Includes growth stimulants to encourage strong root development
  • Each dose contains the perfect NPK balance for your succulents


  • All Cacti & Succulents, both indoors and outdoors.


Pour a capful of Osmocote Pour+Feed Liquid Fertilizer directly onto moisy soil around the plant. It's that simple! Continue to water as required and use Pour_Feed every fortnight.


Pot Width Dosage
9 - 11cm 1/2 Cap
12 - 19cm 1 Cap
20cm 2 Caps