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Osmocote Mist+Feed Indoor Plants Spray-On Fertilizers - 236ML

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For use with houseplants   For use with houseplants
Ready to use   Ready to use
Fast & easy   Fast & easy


Scotts Osmocote Mist+Feed for Indoor Plants is a ready to use mist that is rapidly absorbed by leaves to help you grow beautiful green, glossy foliage and protect from the dry environments found in our homes. Some Examples are: Monstera, Houseplant, Modern Bamboo, Bird's Nest Fern, Chinese Money Plant and Foliage Plant. 


  • Contains a balanced formula ideal for healthy indoor plants
  • Boosted with micronutrients vital to plant growth
  • Visible results in 7 days
  • Trigger spray for easy application
  • Odourless and non-staining formula

With a trigger spray for easy application, lightly spray the mist onto the leaves, avoiding any flowers. The odourless and non-staining formula means you don’t need to worry about any over-spraying. For best results, apply weekly or when your indoor plants need a boost!


All indoor plant varieties including Ferns, Fiddle Leaf Figs, Devil’s Ivy, Dracaena, Peace Lilies, Palms and Peperomia.