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Osmocote Indoor Plants Controlled Release Fertilizer - 500g

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Contains 6 months feed   Contains 6 months feed
For use with houseplants   For use with houseplants
Ready to use   Ready to use


Scotts Osmocote Controlled Release Fertilizer for Indoor Plants is a carefully balanced formula that gives indoor plants the nutrients they need to grow beautiful green foliage. Osmocote controlled release technology feeds for up to 6 months, releasing nutrients only when plants need it so there is less excess and leaching, keeping our environment healthy. Some Examples are: Monstera, Houseplant, Modern Bamboo, Bird's Nest Fern, Chinese Money Plant and Foliage Plant. 


  • Specially formulated for all indoor plant varieties
  • Controlled Release Fertilizer feed for 6 months
  • Increased Potassium promotes stronger growth while helping the plant resist pests and disease
  • Includes Trace Elements vital to plant growth

Simply sprinkle Osmocote onto the soil around your plants. There is no need to water in. Reapply in 6 months according to the application rates.