Our Story

Herb Box Garden: leading grower and retailer of special mints and rare herbs.

Herb Box has grown through my journey as a gardener. What started years ago with a single rosemary plant has led to years accumulating knowledge, trialling theories and killing my fair share of plants. As I’ve told many, you’ve got to be prepared to kill a whole lot of plants to get good at it… heh heh

Today, Herb Box is probably best known for selling a wide variety of special mints and rare herbs, along with pretty much anything else that catches my eye and I just need to grow it! And I think I’ve come a long way since that first rosemary plant. Not only do we now have a really big range of herbs but we are also confident all the starter pots we sell are all well grown and well acclimatised to our conditions. Getting them off to the best start to becoming happy and healthy for you.

While herbs have been and continue to be the cornerstone of my growing, I am unashamedly infatuated with roses too! Trying my best to learn to grow these temperamental beauties in tropical Singapore. And I’ve been known to have fallen in love with the odd citrus tree or three… So what is next? My plan is to let Herb Box evolve, expanding as my horizons expand so I can continue to share my growing journey.”  --  Krystal Ng @herbbox_auntie